Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie - English Katha

English Katha and Kirtan in raag using Guroo Sahibs Instruments such as Taus, Dilruba and Pakawaj.

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 1

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 2

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 3

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 4

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 5

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 6

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 7

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 8

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie Ji 9

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jatlee said...

lol thats me the first guy! hope yuo enjoyed the kirtan there!

Anonymous said...

Saw Bhai Harjinder Singh at Shepherds Bush Gurdwara, he was really good !!

Anonymous said...

Ooo.. I know these guys... I feel quite proud now =]

Anonymous said...

Bhai harjinder Singh Lallie don't know him personally but he is a brilliant kirtani, who brings Guru Sahib Ji live and in front of you. His kirtan and katha both make your soul cry out to Vaheguroo. He's doing a brilliant job in teaching kirtan with thanthi saj, make vaheguroo always keep in chardikala. Its a shame there are not many people like him out there. Akaal....

Anonymous said...

Don't know what all the fuss is about he's just singing what all the other ragis sing, just with stringed instruments.
Big deal there is no assar in his kirtan heard him once don't think I want to hear him again, plus, his english discourse, why the english? stick to punjabi, or do the kirtan in english as well.
And I feel he talks down to sangat?
To much arrogance or me

Anonymous said...

Author of previous comment. Um no actually he doesn't just sing the way other ragi's do. N what do you mean just stringed instruments? Those instruments are instruments that our Guru's used. English for those who don't understand gurbani/gurmukhi can understand the meaning of the shabad, n don't be stupid how can we have kirtan in english thats a silly thing to say.
He doesn't talk down at anyone, if you knew him personally he's actually quite chilled out and down to earth.
Look dude don't do nindia of those who do Gurmat Parchar.

Anonymous said...

Well said....
This Jatha is a Jatha born out of the UK along side another great Kirtani Bhai Boota Singh Ji.
We need to see more of these two jathes, I see then on the sikh Channel.
We need the english to understand.
Thanks to Bhai Boota Singh who started the english discourse and to Bhai Harjinder for the tanti kirtan and discourse. I think a joint kirtan darbar with these two great kirtanis together.

Anonymous said...

This is the Jatha that got kicked out of Babe Ke Hockley.
How can you be preaching when your getting kicked out of a Gurdwara,
obviously somthings not right.